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This semester has been focused on the process of learning to represent and visualize movement/dance in ways that can be architecturally meaningful. Nearly all of my studies have been done without a context. I’ve decided that the last step of the process that I’d like to complete before presenting my work is to look at […]

This is the pattern I used to create the piece shown in the photos. It uses the distilled geometry from Flow to create the pattern of subtractions in the fabric. Click to zoom. Here are photos of the finished model/garment.

Keeping up with blogging is not my strong suit. So I’ll just have to beg forgiveness for my lack of chronological order and dive in. Here are some of my first models exploring movement mechanisms. They are all based on familiar, everyday objects (fans, scissors, etc.). I firmly belief in the need to understand the […]

Chris Schlichting, a Minneapolis-based dancer and choreographer took time to meet with me on Friday, 22 January. Chris and I met nearly ten years ago in a tap dance class; it’s lovely have my architectural studies finally align with dance to be able to call upon Chris’ deep knowledge of dance–artistically and logistically. Being very […]