The little site scientist


My adviser, Marc, has continually been encouraging me to be rigorous and follow a control and variable method of experimentation. I’m trying to be scientific and actually stick with it. What usually happens is that I’ll do a few experiments and then follow one meandering branch a ways and never getting around to doubling back to the original experiment.

The big themes that have been investigated this week are 1) connections between the planes, like the Ugly Baby experiments in cheesecloth that join multiple layers, and 2) the refinement of the opening through use of a lightweight frame. Both of these are being tested against patterns of movement through the openings; while a near infinite set of movements is not necessary (e.g. Intervention 16 has at least 426 possible paths) the opportunity for varied performances is important to maintain.

I posted the first 5 site intervention explorations early in the week. Here are some (poor) renderings and some screen shots of plans for selected options from Options 5-19. Works in progress, all.

Intervention 15 – planes with z connectors. The plan shows the possible movement paths highlighted; clearly this arrangement of opening (openings occur at the intersection of the z with the plane) is not effective in allowing dancers to move “forward” toward the audience.

Intervention 18 – framed opening create oblong openings and gentle three dimensionality to the entire plane. The openings allow for more visibility from layer to layer than seems necessary. Subtlety. Subtlety.

Intervention 19 – a connective membrane extends beyond the opening itself to maintain the angle of the opening. This conceals the opening and creates some nice layering and light effects at the opening where overlaps occur. In reality, a scheme like this may require some very particular lighting conditions to effectively show the layers, and the dancers among them, to best advantage.


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