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Ann Hamilton


At my interim review last Friday, Martha McQuade suggested that I look at the work of the artist Ann Hamilton, specifically a piece called whitecloth at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art that uses fabric and blurs the line between art and architecture. Two pieces of fabric move forward and back on a simple motorize […]

I’ve had the work of Janet Echelman tucked away in my bibliography spreadsheet for a while now. As my exploration hones in on the body, looking at this work and the way it drapes and gently shapes space is somehow calming and comforting. Many of her monumental pieces use netting to, “reshape[s] urban airspace with […]

The excellent feedback from my review has settled into three categories: the acoustic structure, the kineticstructure and the body-centric structure. Acoustic Reviewers Blaine Brownell and Blair Satterfield had excellent suggestions for acoustic structures: rain sticks, taiko drums, etc. Gayla Lindt was captivated by the thought of the fabric itself making noise-snapping open and swishing against […]