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This project is astounding! Go look at it and then come back here. Go on, go. Amazing, right? My colleague, Lindy thought this might interest me and boy was she right! Compared with my work in analyzing two dances with 2-3 dancers, the sheer scope of this project humbles me. The rigor of the analysis […]

Sometimes it just takes a while for me to get a post together. Blaine Brownell referred me to the work of Gabi Schillig weeks ago and it’s been open in my browser since then waiting to get posted. Anyway, it’s an interesting study of single plane volumes in textiles. Ms. Schillig’s site uses flash, so […]

Oskar Schlemmer


The Bauhaus does not disappoint. The work of Oskar Schlemmer, the sculpture cum stage shop director, jumps back and forth across the line between costume and architecture with acute attention to the geometry of the components. These are beautiful costumes. The video, though, shows that although the wearer can dance in these costumes, there doesn’t […]