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A beautiful installation by Kengo Kuma in Italy. I feel very awkward comparing myself to a master like Kuma-san, but it’s hard not to when I see light fabric (although this fabric is much more sheer and lovely than mine) stretched across a space with periodic openings. It’s just lovely and a nice thing to […]

This project is astounding! Go look at it and then come back here. Go on, go. Amazing, right? My colleague, Lindy thought this might interest me and boy was she right! Compared with my work in analyzing two dances with 2-3 dancers, the sheer scope of this project humbles me. The rigor of the analysis […]

Sometimes it just takes a while for me to get a post together. Blaine Brownell referred me to the work of Gabi Schillig weeks ago and it’s been open in my browser since then waiting to get posted. Anyway, it’s an interesting study of single plane volumes in textiles. Ms. Schillig’s site uses flash, so […]

Form Constant


This is an amazing MFA thesis project by dancer Hope Goldman. It reminds me that I’d talked about light and lighting earlier in the semester and now it’s time to bring it back as I start/try to finalize this project. (Via BoingBoing)

I nearly wept with joy when Julian Roberts spoke those words. In one simple sentence my many frustrations this semester were validated; he’s right, this IS hard and I am coming to fabric precisely from wood, concrete and cardboard. Martha McQuade suggested at my interim review on the 16th that I take a look at […]

Zaha Hadid’s proposed design for the Dance and Music Center in the Hague has been named a finalist. Layers are everywhere. I’ll have to post my newest layered work tomorrow for a completely unfair comparison. I’ll leave you with a teaser, it looks like I took a shotgun to a stack of cheesecloth/gauze! Image and […]

Happy Earth Day! There’s a great Op-Art piece in yesterday’s NY Times about the photographs of Bryan Graf. Graf collects plastic bags from trees and shrubs near his home. His photographs capture them floating on air in a way that is extremely sensual, reminding me of sea creatures. It seems that everywhere I look I […]