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This semester has been focused on the process of learning to represent and visualize movement/dance in ways that can be architecturally meaningful. Nearly all of my studies have been done without a context. I’ve decided that the last step of the process that I’d like to complete before presenting my work is to look at […]

Just to throw it out there…I happened across a great article on inflatable architecture on Scottish Architecture recently. The Frog and The Tubaloon

Confession: the library makes me nervous. Dewey and his decimal system makes me very uncomfortable. I often feel embarrassed as I attempt to quietly walk (impossible in squeaky boots) around and around to find the right shelf–quarto, folio, NA, TS. This, I suppose, has led to my less-than-dexterous use of the MNCat search features. While […]

This fantastic project for a temporary, inflatable addition to the Hirshhorn Museum on the National Mall in Washington, DC embodies the type of creative problem solving that I hope to use in my own project. Interesting elements: the way the project takes advantage of underutilized space, the temporary nature of it, the subversive approach to […]