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I had a meeting with Joe Chvala, artistic director of Flying Foot Forum on Friday, January 29th. Joe was my tap teacher from 2001-2004 and my director in Fireball. I went into our meeting hoping to persuade Joe to collaborate with me in creating this dancing structure and dance. His answer was surprising, honest, and […]

Chris Schlichting, a Minneapolis-based dancer and choreographer took time to meet with me on Friday, 22 January. Chris and I met nearly ten years ago in a tap dance class; it’s lovely have my architectural studies finally align with dance to be able to call upon Chris’ deep knowledge of dance–artistically and logistically. Being very […]

For the second time, the Collaborative Arts Program at UMN is offering a course entitled The Body Acoustic under Dana Reitz and Leslie Van Duzer. It’s a three week intensive course the meets on three consecutive Saturdays at Minneapolis art institutions (the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Guthrie Theater) to explore […]