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This semester has been focused on the process of learning to represent and visualize movement/dance in ways that can be architecturally meaningful. Nearly all of my studies have been done without a context. I’ve decided that the last step of the process that I’d like to complete before presenting my work is to look at […]

I picked up this book a couple of weeks ago and started writing about it…and then never finished. I’ll leave it as is and say that any of the three Transportable Environments books, which are the proceedings from the eponymous conference series, are full of exciting ideas and have been great in terms of both […]

Confession: the library makes me nervous. Dewey and his decimal system makes me very uncomfortable. I often feel embarrassed as I attempt to quietly walk (impossible in squeaky boots) around and around to find the right shelf–quarto, folio, NA, TS. This, I suppose, has led to my less-than-dexterous use of the MNCat search features. While […]