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Fail again. And again. (what it should look like) And again. Then fail a little less. Until…. You find success. Tests for a full-scale mock-up of the fabric planes with framed openings. Coming soon to an urban space near you. For reference: the vertical poles’ pockets are sewn with a triple stretch stitch and the […]



The site-based investigations have all maintained a neutral surface. It’s in keeping with the minimal character of the dances that have inspired it (Serif and Flow). Here are two full-scale tests of how to make a minimal opening that maintains the surface quality of the fabric as much as possible. This test overlapped two pieces […]

Wow. It’s already been nearly a week since my interim review last Friday. While I’ve been doing lots of thinking about what was said and where to go from here, it’s been tough to get motivated to get back to work (I’m sure the sunshine and 40 degree weather didn’t have anything to do with […]