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This project is astounding! Go look at it and then come back here. Go on, go. Amazing, right? My colleague, Lindy thought this might interest me and boy was she right! Compared with my work in analyzing two dances with 2-3 dancers, the sheer scope of this project humbles me. The rigor of the analysis […]

This is the pattern I used to create the piece shown in the photos. It uses the distilled geometry from Flow to create the pattern of subtractions in the fabric. Click to zoom. Here are photos of the finished model/garment.

Form Constant


This is an amazing MFA thesis project by dancer Hope Goldman. It reminds me that I’d talked about light and lighting earlier in the semester and now it’s time to bring it back as I start/try to finalize this project. (Via BoingBoing)

Zaha Hadid’s proposed design for the Dance and Music Center in the Hague has been named a finalist. Layers are everywhere. I’ll have to post my newest layered work tomorrow for a completely unfair comparison. I’ll leave you with a teaser, it looks like I took a shotgun to a stack of cheesecloth/gauze! Image and […]

As I move in the direction of creating a wearable, body-centric structure, the question arises, How does wearable, body-centric architecture differ from costumes? Looking to the costumes from the Broadway version of The Lion King does not clarify anything. From Disney’s Behind the Scenes: The Lion King is unique in that we see how the […]

Oskar Schlemmer


The Bauhaus does not disappoint. The work of Oskar Schlemmer, the sculpture cum stage shop director, jumps back and forth across the line between costume and architecture with acute attention to the geometry of the components. These are beautiful costumes. The video, though, shows that although the wearer can dance in these costumes, there doesn’t […]

For the final week of the Body Acoustic course, the assignment was to design and construct a prop and perform with it. I took this as the perfect jump-start to building a full-scale mock-up of the bat wing model I made early in the semester. Here’s a very early mock-up to test the channel at […]