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Form Constant


This is an amazing MFA thesis project by dancer Hope Goldman. It reminds me that I’d talked about light and lighting earlier in the semester and now it’s time to bring it back as I start/try to finalize this project. (Via BoingBoing) Advertisements

For some nice ruminations about kinetic architecture, check out this post at

Keeping up with blogging is not my strong suit. So I’ll just have to beg forgiveness for my lack of chronological order and dive in. Here are some of my first models exploring movement mechanisms. They are all based on familiar, everyday objects (fans, scissors, etc.). I firmly belief in the need to understand the […]



Oh, Theo Jansen, I’d like to be your friend. Jansen’s kinetic sculptures, the Strandbeest animals, walk and “survive” on their own. They’re made of simple materials (electrical conduit and lemonade bottles) and driven by the wind. The movement mechanisms and binary code used to give the animals “intelligence” are certainly beyond the level of complexity […]

This project is a great reminder that complex movement does not necessarily require complex mechanisms or motors. This ferris wheel in Nepal requires only a strong push to activate the structure. Interesting elements: the simplicity of the movement generation. Here, a person simply pushes/levers against the structure to create the motion of the Ferris wheel. […]



This project uses fabric sails to represent data points in three dimensions. Each sail represents data, and its size and location within the frame visualize the inputs. As the data changes, the points move correspondingly through the use of servo motors. Interesting elements: the use of data to precisely determine the fabric form. Rather than […]