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I’ve had the work of Janet Echelman tucked away in my bibliography spreadsheet for a while now. As my exploration hones in on the body, looking at this work and the way it drapes and gently shapes space is somehow calming and comforting. Many of her monumental pieces use netting to, “reshape[s] urban airspace with […]

David Bynoe‘s Cedar Wings are a beautiful example of a simple mechanism used to dramatic effect. These wings have a 9.5’ wingspan! Lovely. The way these expand the reach of the body is something I would like to incorporate into my work. This was a great part of the discussion at my interim review–how can […]

For some nice ruminations about kinetic architecture, check out this post at

As I move in the direction of creating a wearable, body-centric structure, the question arises, How does wearable, body-centric architecture differ from costumes? Looking to the costumes from the Broadway version of The Lion King does not clarify anything. From Disney’s Behind the Scenes: The Lion King is unique in that we see how the […]

The excellent feedback from my review has settled into three categories: the acoustic structure, the kineticstructure and the body-centric structure. Acoustic Reviewers Blaine Brownell and Blair Satterfield had excellent suggestions for acoustic structures: rain sticks, taiko drums, etc. Gayla Lindt was captivated by the thought of the fabric itself making noise-snapping open and swishing against […]

Oskar Schlemmer


The Bauhaus does not disappoint. The work of Oskar Schlemmer, the sculpture cum stage shop director, jumps back and forth across the line between costume and architecture with acute attention to the geometry of the components. These are beautiful costumes. The video, though, shows that although the wearer can dance in these costumes, there doesn’t […]

Today I finally had to return the book Deployable Structures. (big sigh) The book is made up of the lecture notes for a course in deployable structures offered by CISM (International Centre for Mechanical Sciences). It’s been an amazing book that has inspired me to be so much smarter. It really gets me thinking about […]