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Oh Flickr, I have no idea how to get you to link photos adequately in here. Or how to format these crazy posts once I get them here. Sigh. Anyway, these photos by VisioLuxus Photography’s Elisa Lazo de Valdez are simply stunning. The way the body is highlighted through the interaction with fabric has been […]

This is the pattern I used to create the piece shown in the photos. It uses the distilled geometry from Flow to create the pattern of subtractions in the fabric. Click to zoom. Here are photos of the finished model/garment.

Getting some photos up of my process work has been on the to-do list for days. Finally, and without further ado, some images. These models are looking at ways to bridge the gap between the digital studies of the Flying Foot Forum pieces, Flow and Serif, and the use of fabric in physical models. First […]

Form Constant


This is an amazing MFA thesis project by dancer Hope Goldman. It reminds me that I’d talked about light and lighting earlier in the semester and now it’s time to bring it back as I start/try to finalize this project. (Via BoingBoing)

I nearly wept with joy when Julian Roberts spoke those words. In one simple sentence my many frustrations this semester were validated; he’s right, this IS hard and I am coming to fabric precisely from wood, concrete and cardboard. Martha McQuade suggested at my interim review on the 16th that I take a look at […]

I had an interim review on Friday the 16th with critics Blaine Brownell, Gayla Lindt and Martha McQuade from the architecture department, Joe Chvala (artistic director, Flying Foot Forum) and Bruce Wright (editor, Fabric Architecture magazine), as well as my adviser Marc Swackhamer. The conversation was exactly what I hoped for at this point. The […]

Zaha Hadid’s proposed design for the Dance and Music Center in the Hague has been named a finalist. Layers are everywhere. I’ll have to post my newest layered work tomorrow for a completely unfair comparison. I’ll leave you with a teaser, it looks like I took a shotgun to a stack of cheesecloth/gauze! Image and […]