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Are there things that could stand for improvement? Certainly. But as a single step in this semester-long process, I’m quite happy with it. It’s an especially sweet success for me after the many iterations over the weekend. It’s a proof of concept. It’s been so amazing to see everything I thought I knew foiled by […]

Why fabric?


It’s getting to be time for me to have an interim review of my work to date. As I’m inviting guests to come in to critique my work, I’m realizing how very few architecture people work with fabrics as compared to the general architectural populace. Why is that? It’s led me to try to answer […]

This project is by Laura Mast, an architecture student at IIT. This studio project looked at inflatable, wearable fabric structures to both costume and house a dance performance. Beautiful work like this, and here I don’t mean beautiful in solely an aesthetic sense, but rather in terms of the beauty of its ideas and process, […]

This Friday I have a tour and meeting scheduled with Nora Norby of Banner Creations. Banner Creations is the fabricator behind beautiful fabric architecture, banner and industry pieces throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Here are two of their projects that I’ve personally visited. Art of Chiropractic by LEAD, Inc. Tree Scarves at MN Arboretum […]

As wordpress so succinctly puts it, Hello World! It’s the beginning of my Masters Final Project (hereafter likely referred to as Thesis) at the University of Minnesota, College of Design Master of Architecture program. This blog is going to be my dear diary for the duration of this project exploring fabric architecture, movement and performance. […]