Master of Architecture


Yay, I’m a Master of Architecture! It’s such a funny degree name; it makes it sounds as if I know everything. The truth, though, is that I’ve acquired just enough knowledge to know how very much is out there to still learn. Here’s to a lifelong process-based project in understanding architecture!

I’ll get a post up with my final boards and some night shots of my full-scale installation very soon.

In the meantime, please enjoy the work of Mike Hara, His project was one of seven projects to receive thesis awards. I don’t think the others have blogs, so if you’re passing through Rapson Hall, be sure to check out all the award-winning projects in the HGA Gallery.

Congratulations to all of my classmates! It’s been an honor to work alongside you for the past three years.


2 Responses to “Master of Architecture”

  1. 1 Bruce Wright

    Yeah! Congratulations Amber! Great work, and please, keep in touch as you continuing doing good/great work. I know you are planning on working with Ali in Norway this summer, so keep me posted on what he is doing.

    Cheers, Bruce

  2. Amber, glad to see you’ve updated your blog to include work at presentation. Congratuations.

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