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This semester has been focused on the process of learning to represent and visualize movement/dance in ways that can be architecturally meaningful. Nearly all of my studies have been done without a context. I’ve decided that the last step of the process that I’d like to complete before presenting my work is to look at […]

The excellent feedback from my review has settled into three categories: the acoustic structure, the kineticstructure and the body-centric structure. Acoustic Reviewers Blaine Brownell and Blair Satterfield had excellent suggestions for acoustic structures: rain sticks, taiko drums, etc. Gayla Lindt was captivated by the thought of the fabric itself making noise-snapping open and swishing against […]

Looking back, I realize that I never posted a follow-up on my meeting with Nora Norby at Banner Creations. Ms. Norby was kind enough to meet with me in late January to show me around the fabrication facilities and talk with me about fabric selection, frames and structural systems for fabric-clad structures and offer some […]