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I’m unable to embed this video of a slow motion parachute deployment, so I’ve included a still shot. But it’s so interesting; check out the link. Parachute Deployment Sinuous deployment of the fabric seems to come up a lot in the recent stuff I’ve looked at lately. In just a moment I’ll post up some […]

For the final week of the Body Acoustic course, the assignment was to design and construct a prop and perform with it. I took this as the perfect jump-start to building a full-scale mock-up of the bat wing model I made early in the semester. Here’s a very early mock-up to test the channel at […]

Confession: the library makes me nervous. Dewey and his decimal system makes me very uncomfortable. I often feel embarrassed as I attempt to quietly walk (impossible in squeaky boots) around and around to find the right shelf–quarto, folio, NA, TS. This, I suppose, has led to my less-than-dexterous use of the MNCat search features. While […]

Keeping up with blogging is not my strong suit. So I’ll just have to beg forgiveness for my lack of chronological order and dive in. Here are some of my first models exploring movement mechanisms. They are all based on familiar, everyday objects (fans, scissors, etc.). I firmly belief in the need to understand the […]

Busking, also call street performing, is performing in a public place for voluntary donations. In Minneapolis, buskers are usually musicians playing on Nicollet Mall or in Dinkytown. In other parts of the world, though, buskers entertain with a wide variety of arts: juggling, painting, sidewalk chalk, living statues, mimes, fortune tellers, magicians, and dancers. In […]