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Inflatables–I had decided against investigating inflatables early on as they seemed to be not the other types of fabric structures I’d looked at. Well, it came roaring back the week before spring break as Andreas Vogler and Arturo Vittori of Architecture + Vision Catalyst Week at UMN is held the week before spring break and […]

Just to throw it out there…I happened across a great article on inflatable architecture on Scottish Architecture recently. The Frog and The Tubaloon

This fantastic project for a temporary, inflatable addition to the Hirshhorn Museum on the National Mall in Washington, DC embodies the type of creative problem solving that I hope to use in my own project. Interesting elements: the way the project takes advantage of underutilized space, the temporary nature of it, the subversive approach to […]

This project is by Laura Mast, an architecture student at IIT. This studio project looked at inflatable, wearable fabric structures to both costume and house a dance performance. Beautiful work like this, and here I don’t mean beautiful in solely an aesthetic sense, but rather in terms of the beauty of its ideas and process, […]