Site? What site?


These posts are out of order today, but just give your scroll wheel a workout and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

I’d previously documented three different urban sites (Target Field Plaza, Peavey Plaza and the Church Street & Scholars Walk intersection), but none of them was really grabbing my attention as I began thinking about moving my process/experiments into a real context. Thankfully a suitable site was close at hand.

The site with a full-scale fabric test.

The north courtyard of Rapson Hall caught my eye for it’s clean backdrop of copper cladding and its multiple audience vantage points (the steps along the west side of the site as well as the frontal view from the sidewalk). The fact that the site backs into a corner give it a “backstage,” which is helpful in its elimination of a performance in-the-round. I don’t have a background in this type of performance set-up so having a back makes this site more familiar in a way. Interestingly, though, is that the side adjacent to the back allows for views into the performance space beyond what is afforded viewers in a traditional theatre setting; they can see into the side of the fabric structure and look across time (this is assuming that time runs generally outward from the inner corner out toward the sidewalk).


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