To create a wearable, portable, movable, volumetric, packable and changeable fabric structure for the body. The structure/costume will be part of and actuated during a dance performance. The structure has/may have a rigid armature of a different material that is fixed within the fabric. When actuated, the apparatus enhances, highlights and expands the body beyond its natural reach to create and mark space in the urban realm.

Formerly: [As a way to engage fabric—as inspiration, building material and form-giver—this thesis project will explore fabric architecture to create a movable/moving temporary structure that re-presents our urban surroundings in a way that demands interaction. The structure will house a dance performance and will collaboratively engage with the choreographer throughout the design process. The project will employ full-scale prototypes.]


2 Responses to “About”

  1. fascinating (shared) territory. hope the work’s going well.

  2. I find your work fascinating, and it is particularly interesting for me to see someone using Subtraction Cutting for architectural experiments and end uses. Please keep in touch.
    All the best, Julian

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