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This semester has been focused on the process of learning to represent and visualize movement/dance in ways that can be architecturally meaningful. Nearly all of my studies have been done without a context. I’ve decided that the last step of the process that I’d like to complete before presenting my work is to look at […]

Keeping up with blogging is not my strong suit. So I’ll just have to beg forgiveness for my lack of chronological order and dive in. Here are some of my first models exploring movement mechanisms. They are all based on familiar, everyday objects (fans, scissors, etc.). I firmly belief in the need to understand the […]

This project is a great reminder that complex movement does not necessarily require complex mechanisms or motors. This ferris wheel in Nepal requires only a strong push to activate the structure. Interesting elements: the simplicity of the movement generation. Here, a person simply pushes/levers against the structure to create the motion of the Ferris wheel. […]