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Yay, I’m a Master of Architecture! It’s such a funny degree name; it makes it sounds as if I know everything. The truth, though, is that I’ve acquired just enough knowledge to know how very much is out there to still learn. Here’s to a lifelong process-based project in understanding architecture! I’ll get a post […]

The thesis doula, Gayla Lindt, asked me how I would know if I were successful in my site-based experiments. It was a really interesting question to consider since applying a real world context to the work brought in a dramatically new element. I think the answer lies in several places. First, have I interpreted and […]

Inflatables–I had decided against investigating inflatables early on as they seemed to be not the other types of fabric structures I’d looked at. Well, it came roaring back the week before spring break as Andreas Vogler and Arturo Vittori of Architecture + Vision Catalyst Week at UMN is held the week before spring break and […]

Just to throw it out there…I happened across a great article on inflatable architecture on Scottish Architecture recently. The Frog and The Tubaloon

I’ve had the work of Janet Echelman tucked away in my bibliography spreadsheet for a while now. As my exploration hones in on the body, looking at this work and the way it drapes and gently shapes space is somehow calming and comforting. Many of her monumental pieces use netting to, “reshape[s] urban airspace with […]

For some nice ruminations about kinetic architecture, check out this post at

As I move in the direction of creating a wearable, body-centric structure, the question arises, How does wearable, body-centric architecture differ from costumes? Looking to the costumes from the Broadway version of The Lion King does not clarify anything. From Disney’s Behind the Scenes: The Lion King is unique in that we see how the […]