Early Movement Experiments


Keeping up with blogging is not my strong suit. So I’ll just have to beg forgiveness for my lack of chronological order and dive in.

Here are some of my first models exploring movement mechanisms. They are all based on familiar, everyday objects (fans, scissors, etc.). I firmly belief in the need to understand the known before you can understand/create the as yet unknown.

Fan-based pin connection creates a deployable overhead cover.

A scissor lift mechanism with independently moving halves could have a dynamic fabric skin stretched between the two sides.

A pantograph structure that allows for amazing deployment. I’ve been doing some sketching trying to incorporate this mechanism since it’s just so interesting.

They’re all part of the work in progress, which is how I need to start thinking about this blog. So, here’s my public declaration (if there’s actually anybody reading this!) to let this blog be a forum for sharing work in a raw form rather than editing and re-thinking things to death.


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