Synchronous Objects


This project is astounding! Go look at it and then come back here. Go on, go.

Amazing, right? My colleague, Lindy thought this might interest me and boy was she right! Compared with my work in analyzing two dances with 2-3 dancers, the sheer scope of this project humbles me.

The rigor of the analysis and excellent explanatory graphics and audio commentary combined with video of the dance itself…wow. I could easily get lost for an entire day in this site, taking advantage of the many options for seeing the day, visualization, cues, commentary with or without audio.

A very brief comparison between this project and the analysis I’ve done of Flow and Serif…it’s interesting the Synchronous Objects has captured the dance from multiple viewpoints and uses them all in their analysis. The work I’ve done with Flow and Serif only takes into account the perspective of an audience member. So what’s privileged in each study is dramatically different. Synchronous Objects seems to be a tool for the dancers/choreographer(s) while my analysis is attuned only to the visual presentation/response the dance creates for the audience.


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