VisioLuxus – Membrane III


Oh Flickr, I have no idea how to get you to link photos adequately in here. Or how to format these crazy posts once I get them here. Sigh. Anyway, these photos by

VisioLuxus Photography’s Elisa Lazo de Valdez are simply stunning. The way the body is highlighted through the interaction with fabric has been a key driver of my sketches in the last few days. And then these images were waiting for me in my RSS feed this morning. Serendipity, yes.

I’d highly recommend checking out VisioLuxus’ work. It’s achingly beautiful. Some images are artfully NSFW, just as a warning. The three images that are particularly applicable to my work right now are Membrane II, Membrane III, and Drape.
Membrane III

Originally uploaded by VisioLuxus


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