Process work – planes


Getting some photos up of my process work has been on the to-do list for days. Finally, and without further ado, some images. These models are looking at ways to bridge the gap between the digital studies of the Flying Foot Forum pieces, Flow and Serif, and the use of fabric in physical models.

First up is a study of planes. Using the distilled median performance envelope from Flow as the generative geometry I lasercut cheesecloth to  show each minute of the dance on a piece of cloth. I mounted each in sequential order on a framework to look at the layers of transparency and how the void/performance area shifts through time. The play of light on the layers is lovely.

Second is what I lovingly call the Ugly Baby. It’s name comes from Bruce Mau. “Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child).”

It’s made from cutouts in cheesecloth/filter fabric; the cutouts are taken from the analysis of Flow, with each cutout showing the median performance envelope of each minute of the dance. The edges of every minute were sewn together, distorting and stretching the fabric. The sewing and gathering of disparately sized edges create volume in the planar fabric.

Moving forward, I’m thinking about how the space between layers can become a performance space, especially taking into account the translucent and light transmitting potential of the fabric. If you watched the dance video by Hope Goldman in the previous post you’ll note how planar her movement is. She is never farther than about 18 inches from the screen behind her. Thinking about this planar style of movement (which actually meshes well with some of the movement in Serif) and the planes of fabric is going to be a good direction to take for these last 13 days!


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