IOGraph and Dance Analysis


I was recently introduced to the program IOGraph. It’s a free download program that tracks your mouse as it moves across the screen. When paired with video it can act as a simple motion capture program.

Here’s an example of the tracking I did for the fifth minute of the piece Flow, from Flying Feet-The Percussion Project with Karla Grotting and Peter O’Gorman performing. The green tracks Grotting; light green is her right hand, dark green traces the path of her right foot. The light and dark blue represent O’Gorman’s right hand and right foot respectively.

From these traces I was able to define a median performance envelope for each minute of the dance. By stacking each minute of the dance I was able to model the change of the each dancers’ performance envelope through the dance. I suppose it’s like a frozen, 3D flipbook (maybe not the best analogy, but work with me).

While I had studied Flying Feet-The Percussion Project early on in the semester, I didn’t know how to analyze them in a useful way. So while I was intimately familiar with them as pieces of choreography, I hadn’t studied them in a rigorous way that could inform my architectural design.

So now I’m in the position of being less than a month away from the final presentation, but finally with a firm understanding of the choreography I’m using as a foundation for my design proposal. Should I be nervous at this point? Some may think so, but I think this analysis is going to help me set up very firm rules against which to judge the work I’ve done so far. There’s a lot of work done, now I have the tools and criteria to evaluate it.


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