Transportable Environments 2


I picked up this book a couple of weeks ago and started writing about it…and then never finished. I’ll leave it as is and say that any of the three Transportable Environments books, which are the proceedings from the eponymous conference series, are full of exciting ideas and have been great in terms of both visual and theoretical provocation.

Gary Brown writes in Transportable Environments 2 about para-site-parasite (page 12). This idea really supports my position on the site or sites of the structure. Actually, his whole paper, entitled Freedom and Transience of Space (Techno-nomads and transformers) is amazing and inspiring. If I decide to document my project via a book/book-like documents, I will definitely be referencing this.

“Architecture of the city must…embrace motion, classical models of pure static essentially timeless form and structure are no longer adequate.” Greg Lynn, quoted on page 5.


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