Banner Creations: tour follow-up


Looking back, I realize that I never posted a follow-up on my meeting with Nora Norby at Banner Creations. Ms. Norby was kind enough to meet with me in late January to show me around the fabrication facilities and talk with me about fabric selection, frames and structural systems for fabric-clad structures and offer some suggestions for my project.

The big thing that came out of our meeting was the realization that simple mechanisms can do dramatic things. A simple curtain on a cable can be quite thrilling when its scale is emphasized (as the enormous curtain in the Banner Creations warehouse demonstrates). A plane of fabric can be animated through changes in light, projection, silhouettes, etc.

The advice Ms. Norby gave me was simple: start with the structure. If the structure is there, the fabric can certainly skin it, but the structure needs to come first and be a strong foundation for the project.

So, a heartfelt thanks to Ms. Norby for her generosity with her time and advice. I look forward to checking in with her again as I develop a better idea of the structural makeup of the project.


One Response to “Banner Creations: tour follow-up”

  1. 1 Joe

    As the beauty of a flower beckons us to further explore the plant that gives it life, so might fabric entice the viewer to understand the framework that supports its beauty within space.

    Can’t wait to see the final results!!

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